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SPACEPOP: Rocking the Resistance (SPACEPOP, 2) Book

SPACEPOP: Rocking the Resistance (SPACEPOP, 2) Book

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  • Pop stars by day, secret agents by night!

    The band called SPACEPOP gains fame across the galaxy, spreading a message of rebellion through music. But with huge fame comes huge problems! The five princesses of the pentangle, Athena, Luna, Rhea, Hera, and Juno, are finding it harder to keep their secret identities under wraps between TV appearances, commercials, and the upcoming Battle of the Bands!

    Everyone is taking notice―especially the evil Empress Geela, who grows jealous of the hot new band. When Geela launches an offensive, SPACEPOP embarks on their most dangerous mission yet. These five undercover princesses need to save their planets and their parents! With the stakes higher than ever, SPACEPOP’s ready to rock the resistance!

    See the band rock out in two full-color inserts inside!
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