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What's New Scooby?V7-Ghosts on Go Repkg(DVD)

What's New Scooby?V7-Ghosts on Go Repkg(DVD)

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What's New Scooby-Doo? Vol. 7: Ghosts on the Go (Repackage)

In Ghosts On The Go, the gang crosses the Atlantic Ocean and takes on Europe! In Large Dragon at Large, the gang attends a Renaissance Faire, where a dragon interrupts their fun. While traveling in Greece, an ancient myth apparently comes to life because of a medallion Shaggy wears in It's All Greek to Scooby. In Pompeii and Circumstance, the gang's Italian vacation is interrupted by misdeeds in teh ancient city of Pompeii, leading to an ominous visit into the mouth of th no so dormant Vesuvius. And finally, the gang goes to Paris to see Daphne's cousin become a model, but only to discover she's been abducted by a giant gargoyle in Ready To Scare
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